Oral Surgery in Bryant, AR

When you're in need of oral surgery, you can trust the same local dentist who keeps your smile healthy! At David Ouellette Family Dentistry, we recommend visiting our office every six months for regular checkups as the best way to maintain a healthy smile. When the need for oral surgery does arrive, Dr. Ouellette and his team are here to restore your smile back to its best health!

Ouellette Family Dentistry laying in the dental chair during an oral surgery procedureWith over 20 years of experience, Dr. Ouellette offers expert care for keeping pain at bay and preventing future oral health problems. With expert care designed to promote your best, healthiest smile, we're proud to offer top oral surgery treatments in Bryant, AR and beyond! We also offer a selection of sedation dentistry solutions to ensure your experience is relaxed and comfortable.

Dental Extractions

Dr. Ouellette and his team team will do everything we can to save damaged teeth through restorative dentistry. Even still, there are times when extracting teeth is the best option for your smile, in the case of extensive damage and disease. If you need a dental extraction, you can trust that your experience will never be rushed. Dr. Ouellette will ensure your comfort and gently remove the tooth to help restore and maintain your oral health.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

For many of our patients, these “third molars” don’t cause any issues, but for others, the wisdom teeth may become impacted, crowd teeth, or present other problems. Our team will help identify the healthiest time for you to remove the wisdom teeth to relieve your discomfort and protect your healthy, even smile!

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Our team offers gentle oral surgeries to help keep our patients' smiles in optimal health. If you need a dental extraction, wisdom tooth treatment, or sedation dentistry in Bryant, call to schedule your surgical consultation today!

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